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Month: August 2016

Officers Graduate First DCS Flight Training

Sahuarita Arizona Police Officers Graduate Flight Training On Saturday August 27, 2016, nine officers of the Sahuarita Arizona Police Department became the first police officers to complete the Drone Control Systems remote pilot drone flight training class.  The course concluded with a staged traffic accident that each officer was required to work and gather the […]

Drone Control Systems Trains Sahuarita Police

Drone Control Systems Trains Sahuarita Arizona Police Officers Drone Control Systems and the Sahuarita Arizona Police Department have partnered to bring LADDAS® into operation.  Saturday the 9th of August marked the second major training session for nine police officers that are working to satisfy the new FAA requirements to operate sUAS for commercial operations.  The […]

Drone Control and First Responders

Drones reaching for the sky We are back in the news again this week with more details on the Drone Control Systems and Sahuarita Police Department Pilot program.  We’ve been hard at work over the past month getting the police officers familiar with the newly purchased UAV systems.  DCS will continue to work with the […]

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