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Month: October 2017

LAPD Using Drones

  Drone Control Systems initiated the introduction of drones with Police departments in August of 2015 and the movement is growing. Now is the time for our first responders to join the Sahuarita Arizona Police Department and deploy our LADDAS cloud solution to provide the drone management capabilities that are necessary to ensure public safety, […]

Sahuarita Police Department Deploys LADDAS

Sahuarita Police Department has successfully deployed LADDAS. Through the use of LADDAS, they are able to gather, categorize, and save all data generated by their drones. In addition to viewing areas of concern from the perspective of a drone, the department is able to view all of their drones that are flying in real time. This allows better command and control and enables officers to make decisions and assist officers in the field.

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