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Who are we?

Drone Control Systems (DCS) is an advanced software development company specializing in the regulatory side of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle “Drone” flight operation.

What is our vision?

To be the premier provider of systems that ensure compliance with established rules and regulations governing Drone flight operations; while, ensuring the ability to fly Drones for both hobby and business remains in the hands of Drone operators.

What is our focus?

At DCS, our experienced team has focused on providing solutions that ensure the Drone operator or business continues to maintain flight control while ensuring he or she is operating their Drone in a manner consistent with the ever changing rules and regulations established by the FAA.

DCS envisions our system as the industry standard when it comes to the regulation of Drone flight operations within the National Airspace.  When designing our system we had key tenets that guided us in our design:

  1. Provide a mechanism to authorize, monitor, and track actual Drone flight operations without requiring additional software to be mandated for all drones being sold
  2. Provide a system that can adapt to the changing rules around Drone operations in the National Airspace
  3. Provide a system that works with the Drone community to provide for safe and controlled Drone flight operations
  4. Allow the Drone operator to maintain flight control at all times
  5. Provide a low cost solution that can be easily adopted world-wide

What is our solution?

Our solution to the problem differs from all of our competitors, as our system does not remove or limit Drone flight control from the operator.  At DCS we see Drones as an evolving technology much like the automobile and the airplane were during their initial introduction to the world.  Drones can be safely operated within the National Airspace, provided a system is in place that is capable of working with every make and model of Drone being manufactured.

AreasLaddasOur system solves this problem by offering a means to regulate, authorize, monitor and track all Drone flight operations, while ensuring the operator maintains flight operations control.  This is unique to our competitors that strive to control Drone flight autonomously and eliminate the Drone control from the individual or business.  At DCS we firmly believe that the pilot of the Drone is best equipped to make the decisions during flight operation that ensure a safe flight is achieved.  Though autonomous flight operations offer solutions to when, where, and how Drones are managed in the National Airspace, this solution eliminates the operator and reduce the operator’s ability to take full advantage of the Drones flight characteristics.

Drones are used for a wide variety of things to include, cinematography, real-estate, agricultural mapping, maintenance inspections and this is just a LADDASfew of the areas that Drones are being used.  Many of these areas of interest would be eliminated by mandating autonomous flight control as creativity and the flexibility to adapt flight operations is crucial to their success.  Our solution allows the operator to explore these areas without being limited by autonomous flight control.

Operating a Drone is much like operating any motor vehicle.  There are established rules of operation and each year new rules are being identified that need to be followed, therefore, our system operates as a regulatory system that ensures Drone operations conducted by individuals and businesses are adhering to these rules and over time this will create a community of safe Drone operators that adhere to the flight rules defined by the FAA.

This system strives to standardize the manner in which Drone flight operations are authorized, tracked and monitored for compliance with established rules.  Much like established traffic safety rules and regulations, when a violation occurs the system is able to identify the violation in real-time and immediately provide notifications to the operator of the Drone to ensure the operator is able to rapidly correct any flight violation.  By focusing on the Operator and not the Drone itself, our solution ensures that Drone operators continuously operate their Drones within the defined rules and regulations established, while providing governing bodies with the ability to regulate and authorize Drone flight operations for both hobby and commercial operations.

Where are we located?

Corporate Headquarters
1964 North Red Rock Road
Dragoon, Arizona 85609
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