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Drone Control Systems Trains Sahuarita Police

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Drone Control Systems Trains Sahuarita Arizona Police Officers

Drone Control Systems and the Sahuarita Arizona Police Department have partnered to bring LADDAS® into operation.  Saturday the 9th of August marked the second major training session for nine police officers that are working to satisfy the new FAA requirements to operate sUAS for commercial operations.  The training sessions took place at Quail Creek Veterans Memorial Park.  Each officer spent time working with the UAVs to learn to operate the vehicles by camera only.  This proves to be more complicated than operating the vehicle when you can physically watch to vehicle.  By using multiple observers, and Drone Control System team members to monitor the drones while in operation, the officers were successful at moving each drone through a pre-defined obstacle course aimed at providing the officers with challenges and helping them improve their ability to control the UAVs in a coordinated effort.

The goal of the training is to ensure each officer is able to manage all aspects of the drones operation to include camera operation, video capture, flight operations and basic air safety operations.  Simply purchasing a UAV is only the beginning of what is necessary to be compitent in UAV flight operations.

Drone Control Systems is on the forefront of offering training, fleet management, and UAV tracking capabilities that the Sahuarita Police Department will use to conduct Crime Scene Investigations, Traffic Investigations and Search and Rescue operations.

As the first company to formally offer a turn-key solution aimed at providing first responders such as Police, Fire, Search and Rescue and Border Security with the ability to become certified as a Remote sUAS Pilots under the new FAA Part 107 rules that go into affect on 29 August 2016, first responders will be able to leverage this new technology to improve their ability to support and defend the public.

The DCS solution provides near-real-time tracking and monitoring of each drone placed into service along with a fleet management capabilities that provide agencies with the ability to manage the aspects relating to pilots, drones, and transponders with detailed auditing of current and previous flights.  This ability ensures the agency is able to provide historical records of flight operations to ensure public awareness and safety.

All of this is offered in a secure private cloud service that provides the protection and isolation necessary to keep the data secure and accessible only by the operating agency.


Interested in what Drone Control Systems can do for your agency or how your agency can start the process of integrating sUAS into daily operations.

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Photos Courtesy of: David Rookhuyzen and Green Valley News
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